Monday, April 4, 2011

Put That In Your Pipe

Aight Gulls. Here's what. We had a request that we put all our cards on the table with evidential support to back them up. While it is a pretty steep demand in our opinion, it is also a fair one, and because we are the best f-in blog on the eastern shore, we will fulfill it.

Here are our cards:
We support Muir Boda and Orville Dryden for City Council. They are student friendly and reasonable.
We do not support Terry Cohen or Tim Spies. We think they are bad for students and especially bad for Salisbury.

Below is our evidence for NOT supporting Cohen and Spies. In almost all of the following posts there is a link that sites outside material sources...because we think being thorough is bad ass. Enjoy.
  • Here is a link to one of our earliest politically affiliated posts. It addresses the Neighborhood Legislative Package; the vile nature of that package was one of the original reasons we started the blog in the first place. In our opinion, the N.L.P. is a total slap in the face to renters and an insult to all of humanity in general...but please take a look and decide for yourselves.
  • One of the reasons we got famous so fast was because we called out The Flyer; we accused them of being biased, because they were. Check out this link to see what we had to say about it (In retrospect, we should have uploaded an image of the ads, but back then we just didn't know how- whatev, if you don't believe us check the Flyers website, it's archived on there somewhere.) Anyway, guess what? We talked to a reputable source last night (I wish we could say who but they made us promise...) who told us that on 2 separate occasions Boda's people tried to buy adspace from the Flyer, and the Flyer never called them back either time. Yet they called back Cohen and
  • In this link, we found out that Cohen and Spies were trying to shut us down so we called out the University and told them to back up off us.
  • Here is a link to our thoughts on a ridiculously biased statement from the Mayor.
  • Here is another link about how the Mayor is f-ing with numbers so that he can get the N.L.P. passed.
  • This article is about how the University had the nerve to host a political forum at SU and without telling any of us about it.
  • This link connects you to two powerpoint presentations we found and used for comparative analysis to prove that the Salisbury is targeting renters. Please look at this one- the difference between Annapolis and Salisbury will floor you.
  • This link shows a flyer that Spies gave out at a debate which published the names of Boda and Drydens campaign contributors and asked the public to hunt the down. Yea, its f-d up.
  • This article was commenting on how biased the Daily Times is.
  • This was one of our most recent posts where we asked Cohen and Spies to denounce a local blogger who is tormenting the family of a murdered child...they ignored us.
We realize that by now your attention is probably waning so we'll get right to the point as to why we support Boda and Dryden. Aside from the fact that they have both said they would not support the N.L.P., they are also the only candidates who have gone out of their way to contact us. Here are the links to those letters. 

Boda's Letter

We hope that this post has cleared up any doubts you have about our credibility. Regardless, it has been an honor writing for you! Thanks for your time, and please vote tomorrow! GO GULLS! 


Anonymous said...

As you two are probably VERY aware...SGA President Julia Glanz and Mayor Jim Ireton are very close. She was an intern for him, and has political ambitions of her own. Julia is a very good person, with many talents, and a good head on her shoulders...except where it comes to Jim Ireton! For whatever reason, she's become "taken" with him. I suspect The Flyer's mis-guided take on things comes courtesy, at least in part, of Julia. Perhaps you could examine that connection further. Or share what you know on the subject.

vixenvigilante said...

In my opinion, the Flyer has always been 'a tad' bias on issues. Take their stance on the smoking ban, for MONTHS they only projected one side of the argument associated with breathe easy. For a STUDENT newspaper, they sure fail at trying to represent the students by reviewing both sides of an issue. The shadiness of the registration date being posted late, Boda's attempts at an ad in the paper were ignored while Spies and Cohen's were something seems a bit off here.

As far as Ireton goes, you could have fooled me that he is a Salisbury alumni. For being an attendee of the school, he sure seems to have little or no disregard for the student body.