Saturday, April 2, 2011


Dear Councilwomen Campbell and Cohen, and Candidate Spies-

Before we begin, The Other Salisbury News would like you to know that our readership is expanding daily into the student body and into the community at large. Therefore, despite your personal feelings regarding this blog, it would behoove you to answer our questions. We will not alter your responses, nor will we include our personal opinions about them. Your answers will be posted as is. If we were you, we would use these questions as an opportunity to help fix your precarious positions in the campus community...but its completely up to you.

Many people on Delmarva have been wondering where you stand in regards to Joe Albero, including The Other Salisbury News. That said, our first question is as follows: what is your opinion on his treatment of the Foxwell case? Take your time...

Secondly- all three of you have garnered much needed support from Albero at various times during your political careers...will you continue to accept his endorsement in the future?

And Lastly-this one is for Terry and Tim- if sbynews tries to help you in the upcoming election by launching vicious personal attacks against your opponents, will you allow it? Or will you publicly denounce him and his behavior?

We would prefer that you answer these questions by Monday at 4:00 so that we can move on to other things. Our email is Thanks for acknowledging the concerns of SU students and other Salisbury residents. Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

great questions. maybe you can email them directly?

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that. Personally, I appreciate the questions being asked, however, I doubt very seriously if any one of the recipients will have the inclination to respond.

BlackSheba said...

Oh, there's no need to email them, they read our site- we know because they tried to have us shut down. However, because we are gracious and forgiving bloggers, we are giving them a chance to publicly redeem that sin by renouncing Albero. It's up to them...but thank you for your input! Keep reading! We appreciate all comments, whether we agree with them or not! (Although, for the record we agree with both of you.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these great questions gentlemen!! Likely no answer is coming by Monday deadline. However, keep asking it. Keep asking it. Keep asking it. And go to a council meeting and ask it!! Thanks!!! Awaiting their response!!