Mission Statement

Hey there! Ever feel like nobody in the City of Salisbury is listening to you? Yea, so did we. That's why we started this blog. It's no coincidence that all 8,000 of us are picking up some nasty vibes from the surrounding residents, the police, and the city in general. For the last 20 years nobody in Salisbury has made the slightest effort to get to know any of us. We get the distinct impression that we are not wanted in Salisbury at all. By anyone. If they wanted us here, don't you think that the police would make an effort to get our stuff back when we get robbed? Or jumped? Or maybe they would say "hi there! welcome to the neighborhood!" Or "hey, can I offer you an internship?" Or encourage us to settle in Salisbury when we graduate so that we could contribute to Salisbury's community and economy at large?

We are students like you and we give a shit about what you have to say. Have you gotten screwed by the cops? Are you the victim of a crime that hasn't been solved or even acknowledged by the university or the police? Are your neighbors a-holes? Whatever your qualms are with the city of Salisbury, we want to hear about them.

However, this blog isn't here for the sole purpose of communal bitching. We wanna hear about any good experiences that you have had too. And we want to keep you in the loop. When legislation comes up that directly effects you we will tell you about it. When things happen in Salisbury, crime-related, bar-related, or otherwise, we will be your connection.

We hope, that in creating this blog, by hearing your ideas about what you like and don't like about the city of Salisbury, that eventually we can make this town a better place for SU kids to live in. Cause right now it pretty much sucks. There is nothing to do. There never has been. In high school we used to joke that the only entertainment around here was getting high, getting drunk, having sex, and going bowling....sadly, nothing has changed. So tell us what you think should change! Tell us what's happened to you! We are all ears (probably the only ones who will listen to you but nonetheless)! Lets have an honest discussion about what needs to go down for Delmarva to be better. There are over 8,000 students on this campus- if we all speak up together someone will have to hear us. And Seagulls-they've got to hear us before they can listen.  

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