Saturday, February 9, 2013

WE'REEEEE BACKKKKKK!!!! (Well, at least one of us)

Anyone who has attended college knows what it's like to embark on their final semester before graduation. You kick off your semester with an intense focus on getting good grades but before long, a little thing called Senioritis sets in. Symptoms include harassing potential employers about job opportunities, weekend drinking binges, and the faint aroma of "shit, I'm old."In my particular case, you can add blogging to the list. So for the next 3 months, you can expect a spontaneous string of posts to appear before The Other SBY News stops posting for good. But enough about me. Let's bitch about the deplorable state of our beloved country, 'Merica!

We've all heard the saying: "The road to hell is paved (plagued might be a better word) with good intentions." There's no denying that our country is being propelled at ungodly speeds towards doom. The worst part- the pavement ended 5 miles ago and our federal guardians haven't been able to agree on a budget to pave the rest.

Lets talk about gun control: I sympathize for all who have lost a loved one to gun violence. It is a horrific act of cowardism to take another's life just for the sake of it. "So, how do we prevent gun violence" you ask?  Well, we disarm the entire country, of course. I mean, what's better than an unarmed vulnerable society with no means of personal defense? The answer: death. I would rather die a million deaths than to be expected to to call 911 (government sponsored Dial-A-Prayer) as my first line of defense in the event of, oh say, home invasion, socialism takeover, or a random guy coming into a school full of defenseless children and teachers with the sole purpose of racking up as many kills as humanly possible before taking his own life. 

Moreover, the people that get their guns legitimately are not the ones committing these random acts of violence. I can assure you that the cray crays aren't waltzing into Gander Mountain on Saturday morning to buy a gun. Open your eyes. 

This concludes this week's official issue post. During the course of my final semester, I will publish at least 1 post per week pertaining to an political issue or current event. I may sporadically post additional articles from time to time but lets not get too greedy. 

And yes, this is still a student-run blog. We welcome and encourage our fellow students to visit our site, post comments on our articles, and submit their own pieces for publication (subject to our approval). And for God's sake, have a sense of humor! 

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