Sunday, March 27, 2011


In a ridiculously biased Letter to the Editor in today's copy of the Daily Times, a previous City Council candidate (who lost), Cynthia Polk, begs the Eastern Shore to "say no this year to lies and hate." We don't really know what that means- it's a bit vague- but based on Cynthia's ending plea to vote for candidates based on their "demonstrated dedication to you" we are pretty sure she's cheer-leading for Terry Cohen and Tim Spies (as they are the only two candidates with over a decade of history in Salisbury politics).

Cynthia recollects, "when I ran two years ago, someone made false statements about how Jim Ireton, Debbie Campbell, and I would raise rents outrageously."

O.K.- Hold up. First of all, that level of hear-say is the kind of baseless crap we would expect to see on sbynews- not in a reputable newspaper. Times, you should require a little more substance in your Letters to the Editor than "someone did something." Because if thats your standard for publication then you may as well quit investigative journalism all together and start printing "Comment Worthy of an Article" on your front page. Sheez.

While the Times is busy getting out their old college textbooks to figure out what constitutes acceptable "news," (editorial or not!) we will pick up their slack and put two and two together for you. It looks like the "someone" that Polk is referring to, had the right idea about Ireton and Campbell; since he's been in office, Ireton hardly ever opens his mouth except to announce his next move in his war against SAPOA. Additionally, he has dedicated God only knows how much money in legal fees to transforming our state funded crime fighting package into housing legislation. In case you forgot, if Ireton has his way, that package would effectively eliminate affordable housing in "single family neighborhoods." And guess who lives in affordable housing Delmarva....RENTERS!

The Other Salisbury News would like to thank Polk's "someone," wherever they are, for trying to tip Salisbury off to the Mayors anti-renter agenda; he may not have implemented enough fines on the rental industry to cause a spike in rent yet, but he has dedicated a good amount of his energy to trying to kick renters out of the city, which isn't much better.

Cynthia, instead of accusing us of spreading "misinformation about possible laws" and "hate and falseness" (dude, word choice?) why don't you take a look at the Neighborhood Legislative Package for yourself (Times- you may want to take a look too). Then tell us who is full of hate. Quoting the package doesn't make us liars- it makes us right. So check yourself...and your facts. Peace.

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This blog has the political satire Salisbury needs to stay honest. Keep up the good work. You make me laugh every day.