Saturday, March 19, 2011

Contradictory Much? We Think So.

We did a little digging through some links on the Salisbury City website (we didn't have to dig far) when we found this letter from the Mayor, addressed to the citizens of Salisbury, regarding his Safe Streets Program. As you read the letter, Jim makes himself out to be the epitome of a saint who aims to please both renters and homeowners. He states: "Why are homeowners and renters – the true victims of crime – continually pitted against one another?" Following this statement, you'd expect this guy to talk about how he's going to reduce burglaries, drug crimes, muggings, murders, ect. Nope. A few paragraphs later, we discover that Jim's brilliant plan for reducing crime in the city is- get ready for it- housing regulation. Which, contrary to what Jim likes to say, WAS NOT PART OF THE ANNAPOLIS PROGRAM (but more details on that later). The letter reads:

"The Crime Free Lease Addendum is to be added to all new leases written in the city. It provides for the termination of tenancy for engaging in criminal activity or engaging in illegal or unlawful activity. Criminal convictions are not required to be in breach – verified calls for service are sufficient to establish cause for breach of lease. For years, rental owners have told us they are powerless to do anything about problem tenants. This legislation will give them the power, and the responsibility, to evict those who cause trouble and crime in our city."

Now what the hell. Just a minute ago, Jim was posing as an advocate for renters and promised us that he was going to cut down on crime....and suddenly renters are the criminals! According to the above statement, he's basically trying to mandate that landlords have to evict (remember, its their "responsibility") any tenant who gets one verified call for service. Or is it three? He's flip-flopped on that point a couple times since his butchered version of Safe Streets came out. Jim, feel free to comment. We'd love to hear from you. Because as of now, you have some explaining to do. And before you start with the usual pointing of fingers- no, we were not brainwashed by "special interests," "the good ole' boys," or anybody else. We found this ourselves, read it thoroughly, and have decided that its bullshit all of our own accord. Because contrary to what most people in Salisbury think, college kids do have brains, and every once in a while we actually use them. So please, send us a response Jim- we are just dying to hear what you could possibly have to say.

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