Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Well Delmarva, it looks like the clouds may finally be parting after all. Last nights delightful expose of the Council's true nature via the public hearing on their proposed budget left many in Salisbury scratching their heads and asking the following questions:

Why is Urban Salisbury getting a $27,000 budget cut when they are one of the only organizations in our town that actually does anything?

Why are the broken streetlights on Loiuse Smiths road getting the ax while "nuisance trees and shrubs" are getting the go-ahead?

Why was a .2% decrease in the 18.6% increase of the proposed water/sewer rate considered a financial victory when most of the lower income people in Salisbury will now only get to flush their toilets once a day? Moreover- why is an 18% increase considered an option at all?

Why was the Mayor- who openly disagrees with the budget-so quiet?

And lastly- why does Tim Spies espouse such an obvious disdain for veterans when his entire campaign was based on the fact that he is one? What kind of military man tells a WWII vet. that he cannot lead the pledge in uniform...ON D-DAY?

Last night's marathon meeting was nearly 3 hours long, thus The Other SBY News decided not to post our minutes because we gave up writing them halfway through the second hour. Still, despite the meetings ridiculous length, it can still be considered a success for all those in Salisbury who want political accountability and forward movement. From the first speaker who condemned the City for attempting to shrug off its financial mistakes on the backs of the taxpayers (for the third time), to the President of Urban Salisbury who highlighted the City's absurd micro-managing of funds (of amounts as low as $300), to the resident of Canal Park Dr. who, without skipping a beat, named the vindictive bias that dictates the Councils agenda, last night was nothing short of a victory.

Sort of. In a vote of 4-1 the Councils budget was passed with Mitchell, Spies, Cohen, and Campbell voting for the budget, and only Shanie voting against it (whom it should be noted, was punished for her descent by Council President Cohen. Shortly after brave Shanie explained her reasons for voting nay on the budget, Terry- all smiles- threw her under the bus by highlighting her participation in the slashing process- nice, Terry). So, what is our next move in the war to bring back personal accountability to our elected officials?

As of now, its looking like the nearest battle will be waged by the most unlikely of warriors; Mayor Jim Ireton is vetoing the budget. Why the change in Jims attitude toward the Council? We can't say for sure, but we think it has to do with the blockade that Terry, Deb, and Tim have launched against every single one of Jim's ideas for the last few months. Whatever the reasons for Jims sudden change of tune, we are thrilled by it. Slow clap for you Jim. We never thought we'd say this, but...you...have...our...support. The people of Salisbury need a white knight to save them from Council... while we didn't necessarily expect that knight to come wearing a pink polo and flapping his hands like a crazy person while discussing his open hatred of...special interests, if thats what our option is, we'll take it. Because what Salisbury needs right now is somebody to start the charge. You're already on the horse Jim, lead the way.


Anonymous said...

As expected, your analysis is spot on and also quite amusing.

Anonymous said...

Yea, democrats and republicans often pretend to bicker about raising revenue from the public but in the end they always figure out how to get more of or our money. I'm sure they'll work it out and we'll all be paying more next year.