Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Business Of The Week

The Deli- Casual Gourmet

The best thing about The Deli, besides the kick-ass food, is their awesome staff. Somehow, the entire staff has a great sense of humor, is extremely welcoming, and does their best to make sure that every single customer has a memorable experience. The owners, Ryan and Mitch, personally serve many of their guests; they are ambitious, hard working entrepreneurs with a lot of vision- exactly what Salisbury needs.

The Deli has recently opened a liquor store, Last Call Liquors, which borders the restaurant. We are thrilled to announce that Last Call Liquors is open until midnight 6 days a week...we encourage all liquor stores on Delmarva to follow their example.

The Deli is just the kind of business Salisbury requires to grow and flourish; the food is extremely high quality, their liquor store has great hours, their bar has really good prices, and their staff is very friendly. It's run by positive, smart young people who could invest a lot in this community- so lets help them stick around.

Here is a link to The Deli's Website or you can check out their Facebook page where you will find pictures of their food (which we can't stress enough, is fantastic) that will definitely make your mouth water.

The Deli is located at the University Square Shopping Center. Stop by from 11 am til 9 pm and enjoy happy hour from 4-7 pm. It'll be your new favorite joint in no time.


Anonymous said...

Must try the Chuck Norris burger!!

Anonymous said...

i've worked at a number of liquor stores in maryland and they're not always closed on sunday do you're research college kids

BlackSheba said...

Since you have worked at so many liquor stores, anon 9:41, perhaps you could enlighten our readers as to what exactly the liquor codes are in Wicomico County. Surely you are familiar with them?

Anonymous said...

The deli has the best food in Salisbury!!!