Thursday, June 9, 2011

Can We Get A "Hell Yea" For Shanie Shields??

Delmarva, the shit is officially hitting the fan. And It. Is. Awesome. Stuff that would have never aired publicly is coming out now thanks to Vice President Campbell's intimate relationship with local blogger Joe Albero (his in-laws are her next door neighbors, in case you didn't know) and their timing couldn't be better. As Mayor Jim Ireton wages war on the 3-2 dominated Council (led by Boss Cohen) class, civility, and discretion (sorry Laura, you tried) have gone completely out the window. The games have definitely begun.

The drama all started two days ago when Mayor Ireton (and his giant cajones) publicly shamed Debbie Campbell and Terry Cohen by rebuking their characters as he announced his mayoral veto of their Council budget. Then yesterday afternoon, Debbie and Terry struck back by overriding his veto. This morning Jim countered their 4-1 vote by withholding city attorney Paul Wilber from the Council's meeting. And then it happened.

Terry Cohen (with the help of Debbie Campbell who we imagine called Joe as soon as the meeting was over to fill him in on the plan) released the tape of the discussion that took place in the aftermath of the Council's spanking with the intent of painting her and Debbie as the eternal victims of Fate and Human Malice yet again. Unfortunately her plan backfired. In the course of the heated debate which took place on the tape (4 minutes in to be exact) Shanie Shields lets loose and delivers the best telling off the Eastern Shore has seen since Roberta Weschler stood up and verbally bitch-slapped Albero on live television. Though we have recorded it below, we encourage you to hear it for yourself (listen closely for the smack-down given by Laura Mitchell as well). It's definitely worth it. Shanie, you go girl! You are a true servant of Salisbury. We thank you for your amazing dedication and for your righteous tude. Cheers to you Shanie! Well done!

Shanie: I think that for anything as serious as these "pending litigations," the Mayor should have been consulted. He is the Mayor of the City of Salisbury. There are going to be some legal problems if the Administration and the President of the Council cannot get along. What's happening out in the public world is that this Council is becoming a disgrace to the City of Salisbury. I'm ashamed to be a part of it and I wish my term was almost up. Because you are not getting along. Before, you two were getting along peachy keen. All of the sudden, you are in that seat and now you and the Mayor are having problems. He used to be your ally and now you are becoming enemies. And its not good for the staff, its not good for the citizens of Salisbury. I'm not going to be a partaker of this stuff and if you can't talk to the Mayor like you used to talk to him in private you need to start doing it and airing out y'alls differences.

Terry: Well for the public record I have made those attempts-

Shanie: I don't believe it-

Debbie: Ms. Shields will you wait a moment?

Shanie: No.


Jonathan Taylor aka The SalisburyGrinch said...

I loved every second and will have a post about it tomorrow as well good summary

BlackSheba said...

Thanks :) Looking forward to reading it!

Anonymous said...

Jonathon Taylor + Joe Albero = TWO PEES IN A POD!

Jonathan Taylor aka The SalisburyGrinch said...

actually try spelling my name correctly

you+dumb = two pees in a pod


Hell yeah. And I also love it when the perpetually anonymous douche types like 1:33 try to slam somebody not even in the debate and can't even correctly spell their names. Did you also type that brain fart with your toes? Typical. This is your brain on local public school. Salisbury deteriorated on certain frigid, out-of-touch, people's watch. Personally I think you don't even need 5 city, or county, council members to NOT make any progress in such a small village-redistrict and make it 3 council members plus a mayor. With all due respect, you guys don't need redundant ignorance.

BlackSheba said...

Thanks Bill :)