Friday, April 1, 2011


Seagulls, as you embark on your weekend festivities tonight be sure to avoid Market Street Inn, Evolution Craft Brewing Company, and Sobo's Wine and Beerstro. Instead of Market and Evo, we recommend you go to Brew River, Monkey Barrell, or Hunan Palace in Fruitland (their bar actually has awesome happy hour deals) because they don't advertise with a psychotic asshole who gets off on tormenting the family of a murdered child (for more details click here). Thanks, and have a great weekend! GO GULLS!

***Disclaimer- the above statement reflects the personal opinion of The Other Salisbury News, we do not claim it is fact...for obvious legal reasons.***


Anonymous said...

getting shot at Bro River would make for a memorable night...

Anonymous said...

Market Street took the ad off SBYNEWS! Now thats god NEWS!

FredG said...

These are the businesses that have dropped their advertising so far BlackSheba according to a post on Doc's:
Shipe Builders
Market Street Inn
Anchor Bail Bonds
Salisbury Taxi
Finders Keepers
Brew River

Today a commenter on Delusions of Grandeur says, M.S.P. have severed ties. Mike Lewis has told his officers to have no contact and supposedly Pokieland has 60 days to get their ads down from his site. Don't know if any is true, but time will tell. You've got that Monster pegged, put the screws to it every chance you get, it shit upon our child, after she had already passed from this earth with the most vile, reprehenseable, vulgarity of typed word for all the world to read, with willful intent to diminish her memory for just some assinine visitor counter on a slogg of shit. Our voice is now her only voice and Monsters must not be allowed to coexist with decent loving human beings that care about the memory of a murdered child.