Friday, April 1, 2011

We're Laughing At You Joe, Not With You

Yes Delmarva, for April Fools Day Albero tried to convince us that he was going to do the right thing by the community- bow out gracefully and end his blog. Of course, no one was duped by this stunt- we all know that Joe doesn't have the common sense or the decency to act like a normal human being.

However, we gotta give it to the guy- the idea of him acting like a good person is hilarious. Funnier still, is the fact that Joe is laughing too; he's tickled to death at the thought of actually exercising some humility.

The Other Salisbury News would like to say Happy April Fools Day to Joe Albero! A true fool, now and forever.


Anonymous said...

“I will never mention the Foxwell Family on my blog again” Joe Albero

Then you do an April fools joke at the expense of the Foxwell Family.

He could of said I am shutting down due to all the stuff over the past week, But he took it a step further and invoked the Foxwell name again.

Anonymous said...

Laugh harder...I left a comment at 10:59 that said, "Umm...Happy April Fool's Day?"

Although my comment was NOT posted, there was an "anonymous" comment agreeing with it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

10:59 I hope you're right!!!! Don't go, JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:06 AM

Anonymous said...

Bah ha ha.....

Anonymous said...

Check out the Baltimore Sun this morning.,0,3244703.column