Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shout Out To Claggett And Krock

Well Gulls, its obvious that the Flyer has been reading our blog, since this week's addition of their paper caters to two of our biggest concerns. Writer Scott Claggett discusses the propensity for abuse inherent in the Crime Free Lease Addendum on page 2, and in a kick-ass Letter to the Editor, Jordan Krock talks about the notorious "Camden Elite"- enemy to students and renters alike for the past 20 years.

We are glad to see the paper is finally catching on to whats really up in Salisbury and encourage them to help us spread the word about the f-d up shit that goes down behind the closed doors of the Camden Neighborhood Association in the months to come. Good job Flyer- you're definitely making progress. This week, we salute you. Go Gulls!

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