Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Monster Attacks President Of SU

That's right Gulls. Not even Janet Dudley can escape the erratic wrath of Albero. It's true. He hunted down her campaign contributions (see here). Why you ask? No one knows why. The man is unstable. At this very moment, he is probably perched on top of the downtown parking garage, clicking away with his high-def camera, trying to get an aerial shot of Headquarters (for those of you who don't know, Headquarters is where we keep all of our top secret material on all of Salisbury's scandals.... lol, Tim & Terry- don't even bother- you'll never find it).

Anyway, we don't know why Joe went after Dudders, but that's f-ed up. We certainly have our issues with J.D. and the way SU is run, but that doesn't make it ok to make personal attacks on her character. She's important...really important. Have you seen the Purdue school of business lately Joe? Yea, zoom in on that magnificent plastic clock with your camera and then tell me you want to mess with Dudley- she knows people. Rich people. So leave her alone! She also knows us too (though she doesn't know it) and we have her back. So lay off her before we and the rest of our Teamster Gulls steal into your home, toss you in a burlap sack, drive you to SU, and tie you to the new Purdue clock covered in gold and maroon body paint as a lesson to all of the Eastern Shore to what happens when you F*** with SU!!!!

....Lol, just kidding! ($10 says Joe's having his lawyer meet him on top of the garage at noon to analyze that statement.)

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chuckie said...

Or he cries about it in a post leaving out the "just kidding" part.