Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Other Salisbury News Is Always Hiring

Well Gulls, word on the street is that now that Terry, Tim, and Debbie are in charge of Council, some big changes are in the works. Just what are those changes you ask? According to our sources, the first thing on the agenda is to CLEAN HOUSE. So if you work for the City (and you aren't the Mayor) rumor has it that in the next month or so you will be asked to pack up your shit and scoot because the City of Salisbury will be hiring.

With that possibility in mind, we cordially invite Paul Wilber, Tom Stevenson, Pam Oland, John Pick, and anybody else that might be on the chopping block this month to come on over here to The Other Salisbury News. The pay isn't great-actually there is no pay at all- BUT we will let you live in Headquarters AND we will share our canned food and cereal with you! Additionally you will have the chance to fulfill your dreams of becoming anonymous free-lance writers! Just picture it! A penniless cyber-crusade to save the City of Salisbury (soon to be called Gothem City) from its impending doom!

Don't you remember how bad-ass Captain Planet was? Remember his team of youth activists that all banned together to save their city with Earth! Water! Wind! And Fire! (Insert multi-cultured fist pump here). Well you could be part of that! Just imagine how amazing our joint fist pump would be: Agenda (John)! Budget (Pam)! Projected Legal Impact (Paul)! Code Enforcement (Tom)! and Blog Power (Team of The Other Salisbury News)! Can you even fathom what incredible superhero would be magically conjured by the unstoppable power of our combined efforts?!?! OH. MY. GOD. Bob Caldwell.
Anyway- we just wanted to tell you that there is at least one job opening here for all of you- if anything happens you just contact us and we will teleport you up to Headquarters for a meeting faster than you can say- well, we won't repeat that here. The same offer stands for anybody else that wants to get involved. Gulls- we are expanding at unprecedented speeds. Expect to start seeing us everywhere- if you want in, now's the time to email us. Good luck City Officials. And as always- Godspeed.

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