Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Monster Went After Students (Boycott!)

A recent post on Joe Albero's Victim List revealed that this ankle biter has been getting off on harassing students for a quite a while. This is just one instance in which a student has been publicly targeted by the Oompa Loompa...there are many more. I suppose you're asking "What's the deal with this dude?" Truth is, we don't really know what crawled up his ass and died to make him so spiteful but we doubt that Freud himself could figure this guy out.

Here at The Other SBY News, we consider ourselves upstanding and contributing members of society. As such, we consider it our responsibility to publicize the bizarre behavior and personal vendettas exhibited by Albero until he stops. There is a thick line between launching personal attacks and providing factual information. This dick decided that he was going to launch a personal attack on a college kid for falling short of his criteria. Joe- personal attacks on college kids seem pathetic even for you. Are you compensating for something?

Gulls-if you have been victimized, attacked, harassed, stalked, ect. by the cigar smoking mustache twitching paparazzi of Delmarva, contact Albero's Wall of Shame to go public with it. If you are worried about any repercussions, email us and we'll take necessary measures to ensure that Joe's ass is handed to him and that you're not placed in the public eye. Long-time victims of this cyber psycho are coming forward to share their stories. They are not alone.


Until these businesses pull their ads from the Monster's site, we will proceed to boycott them. Email us for alternative options.

Evolution Craft Brewing Company
Sobo's Wine and Beerstro
Pani Pit Pizza
The Red Roost
Vinny's La Roma
Cakes By David
Lagoon Bar and Grill
The Fountains
Eric Ludwig's Downtown Barber Shop
All About Tan
Benedict's Flowers
Mitchell's Marshall Arts
Crown Sports Center
The Smoke Shop
The Storage Center
The Roop Group
Simpson's Towing
Car Care
Cathy's Pet Salon

View the origins of the SU Boycott HERE!

This post is representative of our views at The Other SBY News. That being said, a lawsuit would be most don't waste your time Joe.


Anonymous said...

saw some Frat party at foUntains. Just think maybe you should call greek council And tell them to boycott

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea on how to get Foulbero the attention he craves and sssooo deserves: Every time he copies & pastes a story from another source (which he NEVER cites), contact the administrator of the site from which he STOLE the material and inform them of the copyright infringement - for profit because he sells ads on his site. This could be a full time job because that's the only "news" he reports. Anyone who calls themselves a journalist (his word, NOT mine) should know better. Between the site administrators and the State's Attorney, they should be able to take action.