Monday, April 11, 2011

Monster Attacks SU Professor

I tell ya Gulls, the list goes on and on. Accomplished Lawyer, Volunteer Firefighter, and SU Professor of Political Science Michael Farlow has been added to the ever expanding group of people targeted by the Monster's blog. Since we technically can't copy and paste any material from that foul site, we ask that you go here to view the entire story.

Now, Holierthanthou and myself have both had classes with Farlow and have found him to be funny, reasonable, and an exceedingly nice person. The story in the link is actually pretty hilarious because it makes Joe look like a vertically challenged Neanderthal and Farlow look like the smart, comical person that he is. Professor Farlow- The Other Salisbury News supports and defends you (although based on Joe's account of events you hardly need it) and will be drinking quite a few beers tonight in honor of your little victory against Joe (aka all that is evil). Cheers :)


Anonymous said...

Joe has attacked and tried to discredit so many people, he is running out of targets. You guys should run a contest on what Joe's gravestone should say in twelve words or less. I think it should say, " Joe could have used his gifts for good, but now he's just an afterthought."

SAM I AM said...

Since Joe has failed at so many things in life, he attacks people who are successful. He has gone after so many people and like 2:15 stated he is running out of targets. Joe is such a douche.

FredG said...

Here's a thought. Has it ever occured to anyone, that simply types his name, knowing full well that it will be seen in print by him, and that his personal view, whether it's a negative or a positive comment, is quite likely, well, they're still talking about me, so I must be just as important to everyone, as I've ever been? The one thing that "WILL" put a final "STOP" to all of his glorification, his voracious desire for notoriety, thus filling up that ever hungry ego even further is:

Having to constantly see that his name "HAS" been changed, to a much more fitting NAME with a severe negative connotation/thought/impression.

It's the same name, that other sites have "ALREADY" adopted, because it takes away from everything he seeks. It's the same name that Sarah Foxwells grandmother Roberta Weschler called him by, on Live WBOC-TV..............The MONSTER

If you simply exchange his current title of glory, to his new title of "SHAME", his ever diminishing course from public view, will take place. If you chose to leave his name as you currently have, you will probably still be forced to continue, just as you are forced to do so today with his mean spirited madness. The general public has already picked up on his new MONSTER name, and some in law enforcement, have also. If you start calling him by his "NEW" well deseved name, from now on, he will fade away.

Holierthanthou said...

Ok Fred. We'll give it a go!

FredG said...

Thank you! Always remember the intentional filth this MONSTER spewed, in his vain attempt, to diminish the memory of an unprotected deceased child and all of her family, just for his own self gain and self promotion. The name MONSTER is well deserved. The community Loved her then, just as it still Loves her today.
Her name is......Sarah Hayley Foxwell

Wymzie said...

It's true. He has Google alerts set to play 'Hail to the Chief' every time his name is published. Lets not reward him anymore.