Monday, April 11, 2011

Presidential Candidate Miller Hires Monster As Press Secretary

Republican Party- You just lost 5 potential votes in the election of 2012. You are about to lose thousands more. Our blog will be encouraging every college kid in the State of Maryland to vote Democrat (not a hard task, really) until you drop Tom Miller from the campaign line up. He has employed a thief, a slanderer, and a bully as his Press Secretary which not only makes him a terrible judge of character but an unsatisfactory candidate for the presidency. The longer you wait, the more votes you will lose. It's up to you.

Gulls- The List of Joe Albero's Victims now has over 125 people on it. We ask you to multiply that number by 50,000. That is the projected scope of victims for the year 2013 alone if Joe Albero becomes National Press Secretary. It is your duty as Americans to keep that Monster as far away from the White House as possible...tell everyone you know about Tom Miller and his crime against humanity- start talking.

Tom Miller- F@#% You.


Anonymous said... will screw miller the same way he screws everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Tom Miller is a nobody, just like JA. Dont sweat the small stuff. There are bigger issue's to deal with other than JA's ego trips. We have to learn to pick our battles, this in my opinion, is a non issue. Just file it away for further reference.
I do love your blog...thanks

Mike Pritchett said...

Tom Miller will not get anywhere with this campaign. He's just a showboating loser, just like Albero.

Bill O'Writes said...

If you don't want to vote Democrat, might I suggest voting for a third party? Miller claims to want smaller government. The Libertarian Party has similar goals, but they aren't supporting Miller or JA.

Also, for all of you registered Republicans, don't go switching parties just yet. Being a registered Republican allows you to vote in the GOP primaries. You can stop Miller before any of the major news sources even hears about him.

I agree with Anonymous 11:28, though. Miller doesn't stand a chance. If Miller himself even thought he had a shot, he would have given his choice for Press Secretary a little more thought. The way I see it now, the two of them are playing pretend and wasting their own time. The more time they invest in this little charade, the less time they have to make people miserable.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. No one knows who the hell Tom Miller or Joe Albero is outside of Salisbury/ Delmar. The Repubs will probably have Pawlenty, Trump, Romney, Gingrich, and maybe Rudy G. or Bachmann run in the primary. Miller will never be that well known.

But if you're still worried you could vote Democrat anyway. ;)

BlackSheba said...

I agree with Bill. I myself am a registered independent and tend to vote libertarian, but it sucks not being able to vote in the primaries. That said, I don't think registered voters should change their party, if they have one.

However, the Republicans (esp. the ones on the Eastern Shore) need to be held accountable for their previous involvement with Albero. By inviting him to press events, having him interview Andy Harris (and many others) and including him in their social network, they enabled the monster to puff himself up at the expense of others.

Republicans- You helped create this monster, now it is your job to help finish him. In the coming election, Albero will be expecting you to stand by his side, just as you have done for the past few years. We ask that you publicly endorse another candidate- Tim Pawlenty seems reasonable. Hell, we would even accept Trump. But if, in the coming months, Tom Miller gains your support with Joe at his side, you will have made yourselves a formidable enemy. We don't want to be enemies- we aren't even sure we want to vote Democrat-but we will not allow Albero to progress to the White House and do to America what he has done to Salisbury. That's all there is to it.

Michael Swartz said...

If Miller wanted to establish contact with a respected political blog, he'd have spoken to me!

Let's look at this seriously. There were nine candidates on the Maryland GOP primary ballot in 2008, all of whom were running nationally and had established their candidacies well prior. If this guy has been working since 2009 and is STILL unknown, he's not too serious. For example, Herman Cain already has the 'common man' theme down and has done something with his life.

Joe is working on the future obituary - 'was once Press Secretary to a Republican presidential candidate.' Too bad Mickey Mouse will get more votes in the primary.

Wymzie said...

Exactly Michael!
No one has anything to fear, he doesn't have a chance with Trump running, and now that he has chosen the Monster he won't get anything but attacks from the other blogs. Dude will regret this decision the rest of his life.

Hey Guys,
I love the drinking game! That's great!

50BMG said...

I love this site.