Monday, April 18, 2011

Yea, We're F****d.

Here it is Gulls...the people that are going to run the next four years of your lives:

Terry Cohen - Council President (gag)

Debbie Cambell - Council Vice-President (barf)

Laura Mitchell - Council

Shanie Shields - Council

Tim Spies - Council (projectile vomiting, diarea, and Tim-induced tourettes)

Well we're just hoping that the people that are not student friendly will follow through with their promise to move forward with the common goal of Terry would say: "We shall see...."

And can we take a moment to rub it in Douche Lord's face (aka Monster) that we reported on this before him. Dropping the ball Joey?


Anonymous said...

I appreciate how well you write this blog. All of the other blogs, to include the Monster's, are so poorly written. I am a "come here" and I am married to a Salisbury Grad. I also know the Mayor, and do not agree with what the council is trying to do to the students. I am a College Park Grad. and I don't recall so many problems with housing/renting. Now, maybe that is because UMD had more on campus housing. Regardless, since I have been on the shore I have seen Salisbury University become one of the best Maryland schools. I have seen more friends and relatives go to Salisbury University. I think the Mayor needs to remember when he was a student and that he lived off campus. Did any of the council members go to college; did they always live in the neighborhood next to the college; do they realize what the college brings to Salisbury?

Anonymous said...

It sure would be nice to believe all of that mush that occurred at the City Council organizational meeting was heartfelt. Surely, Terry, Tim and Debbie will be completely honorable in their efforts to do what is best for the citizens of Salisbury. Isn't it touching, how Terry took the time to thank the City staff for their service. Based upon all of her sentiment, I guess we don't have to worry for the City Department heads being terminated any time soon, so that the Camden Cronies' friends can take the places of those who currently serve. I am sure the new Council President will honor her campaign promise to take student needs to heart and protect their off campus housing choices. There is no doubt these new council members will respect all members of the community even student blog members who may or may not agree with them. The business community need not fear as the new dream team is here to give them what they want: financial incentive for new businesses to think of Salisbury as home. And, of course, tenants need not fear that they will be evicted via city mandate due to the proposed intrusive Safe streets legislation that does, in fact, insinuate itself into the rental contract. Yes, the perfect world has finally arrived for Salisbury. I am sure we can count on Tim to employ his known candor and self-control when he feels threatened by others. Heck, if the next four years are as honest and transparent as the City Council President nomination and election process was tonight, I have complete confidence we have elected officials who are honest, think for themselves and have Salisbury's best interest at heart.

Holierthanthou said...

9:25- right on!

10:32- I do believe that you have elicited a hysterical laughing spell on my behalf.

Anonymous said...

Be scared be very scared..its about time we have a council that will look out for the community!! SU, Gulls, wanna bees, slum lords should beg your grand master O Mally for more cash so you can build more campus housing. Then put your efforts were they will be better suited to your goals ...petition to allow drinking on campus again..

Holierthanthou said...


^^Let us introduce you to the Camden Neighborhood Assoc.^^