Thursday, April 14, 2011

Local Grandmother Needs Your Help!!

GULLS THIS IS AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE: There is a coalition of Anti-Albero citizens growing and we want you to be a part of it. This coalition is led by Roberta Wechsler. Roberta's granddaughter was found brutally murdered on Christmas Day two years ago and since then Albero has been using his blog to slander her family at every opportunity. Here are just a few examples of his crimes against the Foxwell family:

**While it pains us to give Albero any hits, we think it is important for the students of SU to see exactly what kind of a person we are dealing with here. Sorry.**

1. After one of the court hearings, Albero posted that Jennifer Foxwell (Sarah's mother) was basically a pregnant slut. That's right- he cut down the pregnant mother of a murdered child. Don't believe us? Go here to read it.

2. Against the wishes of the family, Albero posted the graphic details of Sarah's murder because he thought that it was "public information." We will not repost any of it on our site but you can go here to read it. Gulls, when you are reading it I want you to imagine your little brothers and sisters or your nieces and nephews and imagine how you would feel if he released that information about them.

3. Albero has claimed since the very first days that Sarah went missing, that he was intimately involved in the case. While the Sheriff's Department and the States Attorney have both asked him not to release any more details out of respect for the family, Albero has recently threatened to write a book about Sarah's murder and the Foxwell family if they don't comply with his wishes. You can read that post here.

Gulls, by now it should be obvious that the man is unhinged. Recently, Roberta Wechsler, in response to her family's outright abuse at the hands of Albero, has turned to the blogging community for help (read it here). We ask that each and every one of you rise to the occasion by responding to Roberta's request. Over the next few weeks, Roberta will be asking for public support as well as other kinds of back-up in her quest to stop Albero, please be on standby to come to her aid.

In case you would like to hear all of this from Roberta herself, we've included the video of her original plea to the public after the hearing of Thomas Leggs (Sarah's murderer).

Thank you.

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Tea Summit said...

Good job. I'm really proud of you guys.

Anonymous said...

check out the monsters new whiny post. funny as crap.