Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hooray For Sheriff Lewis!!

It's a beautiful day Delmarva! Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis has officially cut off the Monster from all contact with his personnel! For Salisbury, this is the moral equivalent of Leonidas standing up to Xerxes- Mike knew damn well Joe was gonna turn around and trash him because of his decision, but he stuck to his guns (pun intended) and did the right thing. Good for you Mike Lewis! We applaud your chutzpa and encourage the rest of Salisbury law enforcement officials to reach down yonder for a reminder that you too have balls. Raise your glasses Gulls- for Mike Lewis- honorable Sheriff of Wicomico County and example to us all. Cheers Mike! Ya did good.


Anonymous said...

hear hear!

Anonymous said...

Rock on College Bloggers because balls are still in short supply in Salisbury.

RightCoast said...

Excellent post my friends. Keep it coming...and going.

Anonymous said...

I say he still sucks for dealing with him in the first place

Anonymous said...

OMG I love this blog!!! I am a SU alum (when SU was SSC, then SSU and finally SU - I've probably got shoes older than most of you) and I love your voice laced w/ subtle (and not so subtle) sarcasm. And just when I was losing sleep over who would be running our country (and overseeing what little of my SSI may be left), I feel confident that given a few years and a little more experience under your collective belts, you will do us proud.

I think what Mike Lewis did was respectable and showed guts, and was about damn time!! No offense, but I do not believe that bloggers should have the same rights and protections as MSM. I work in a firm whose litigation department regularly counsels publishing and media clients, and has recently overseen a very large research project involving bloggers for one of our national media clients, the focus of which was whether bloggers enjoyed protection from disclosure of their sources or work product under the various reporter privileges. Courts cannot even come to an agreement as to the place that bloggers hold among the news media and what rights should be afforded to them; so I do not believe that the Monster should put all his faith in one or two local court rulings in his favor regarding the issue. I think it was simply a matter of a quick resolution to yet another ridiculous lawsuit involving an issue that confused the district court judges.

I doubt that we will ever do away with the Monster and I fear that others will attach themselves to the hem of his tacky little garments and you will see more and more of his type of blogs popping up.

As for you, the OSN, keep up the good work, write in clear and concise sentences, use good grammar and rely on Spellcheck. (I'm almost at the end but I wanted to paraphrase one of my favorite songs...)

I believe SU “built this city” and its time that the students of SU and the supporters of SU took it back. “Someone always playing corporation games…they’ve called [you] irresponsible and written [you] off the page," but we need to remember that SU built this city. [The Mayor and the councils have got the city in a] choke hold, [but SU] built this city [and it’s time we took it back.]

Rock on OSN and do us proud!


Your Biggest Fan

BlackSheba said...

Well thank you biggest fan! We appreciate the glowing review and we'll be sure to take your advice! And yea, we're not really too big on blogs being treated as legitimate media either...cause they're not. But then again you don't see us running up to every event in Salisbury, flashing a home-made press badge and expecting entry like Monster does. We try to run this blog with as much professionalism as we can, but at the end of the day it is a blog- we aren't trying to compete with WBOC or the Times- we are just trying to do our own thing. Anyway, thank you for your support Biggest Fan, we look forward to hearing more from you in the future! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

While I applaud Sheriff Lewis for taking this stand, I will only fully applaud when he can back it up. Clearly, he's been a source for the Monster for years. Clearly, so have the men and women who serve with him. Let's see how Sheriff Lewis treats those who violate this new rule. And, let's see how the sheriff himself sticks to it. He should have and could have done this years ago. But he didn't or wouldn't. Mike Lewis has been denying for years any involvement with the Monster - a denial we've all known had no merit. Now, he's doing the right thing. Let's hope he sticks with it.