Monday, April 18, 2011

A Chance To Get Informed

We know...we're reaching on this one but we would like to encourage student involvement so attend the meeting tonight at the government building downtown. You can also tune-in to PAC-14 and watch as the new City Council members take their newly appointed or reappointed positions on the Council.

If it's anything like last week's City Council meeting (God willing), it's sure to make a lasting impression. We think this is a kick-ass opportunity to get involved with the City. Then you can go home and recover over a beer....or two...or an entire keg. Whatever verdict you determine is fine by us. So go to the liquor store, head to the government building, and prepare to imbibe afterwards. Just for the record- we wouldn't advise hitting the bottle during the meeting (we agree; it'll be a struggle).

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