Monday, March 14, 2011

Vote Don't Clux With Me

PEOPLE. The time has come. Tomorrow is the last day to register to vote in Salisbury. In the span of 5 days we've a) Infiltrated the campus community b) Managed to ruffle a few politicians feathers c) get ourselves harrassed by a few fellow students and d) bring you some of the most controversial topics floating around Salisbury (I'll drink to that).

So what exactly motivated us to do this? Simple. We're pissed. Pissed that for too long the students have not been appreciated for the valuable economic contributions that we provide. Pissed because we're the targets of legislation that we perceive to be a violation of basic human rights. Pissed because nobody takes us seriously.

Well I am proud to announce that Blacksheba and I were successful in pissing on just a few of the people that piss us off (cheers). So heres to you Gulls. Your overwhelming support has inspired us to stick around. Expect to see much much more of us. GO GULLS AND GO VOTE!! WOOT!!!

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