Monday, March 14, 2011

City Council Minutes

WTF?! Where's the Mayor?!?!?! Probably at Flavors playing the City Council Drinking Game. Here's our record of drinks:

6:19 - Cheers to you Terry Cohen
6:26 - Thanks Debbie. I was getting parched.
6:27 - Again Debbie? C'mon
6:32 - Debbie: "can you help me understand..."
6:37 - Terry talking about the newspaper....gulp
6:40 - Terry. The police say "you're welcome" sweet nectar of the the gods
6:49 - Debbie. We'll drink to this 'commercial' ;-)
6:51 - Terry: we didn't know "summonses" was a word (cause it's not) but we'll drink to it
6:56 - Jim couldn't be bothered to show up tonight....must be PTA night
6:58 - Debbie. The public's got it...MOVE ON!
6:59 - Terry, Your insight is so.........
7:01 - "SHUT IT LOUISE" (interrupted again)
7:02 - No, Terry we do not live on "123 Anywhere St. in Salisbury" so we won't be getting those fees
7:03 - Terry tells Louise to shut, but she interrupted and we drank.
7:09 - Here's our consensus Debbie...DRINK
7:10 - Terry. I need to drive. Stop talking.
7:11 - haven't discussed lets discuss it now in the middle of the meeting.
7:14 - Debbie: (Clears Throat) proceeds with interrogation.
7:15 - We motion for the public to DRINK!
7:15 - Sir...Terry applauds your due diligence.
7:17 - Terry, what would you know about affordable housing.
7:17 - Terry, we oppose you.
7:18 - Terry's still talking


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Hic up~~~~~

SAM I AM said...

SAM I AM is a little drunk...

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Holierthanthou and BlackSheba, I am intellectually in love with you both!

Also thanks for summing up the meeting for me :)