Monday, March 14, 2011

Stop Laughing! This Is A Very Important Message.

Responsibility. We know. It sucks. And yet it seems as though the generational definition of this word has strayed from its original meaning. Responsibility used to be accepted as being held accountable for your actions and holding others accountable for theirs. In ancient Sparta responsibility was viewed as an honor, a privilege. The higher up you were, the more responsibility was placed on your we just associate it with punishment. There has been an overwhelming deviation from this traditional concept in modern society. Parents are supporting their kids well into adulthood and in return, these 'kids' are depending upon their parents to fight every battle that gets tossed their way...if it had been up to us to hold Thermopile down...let's just say the story would be a lot less badass and a lot more Persian. The days of sucking the parental tit dry are long gone... fact of the matter is,we just aren't that responsible.

The truth is that there are just some battles that your parents cannot fight for you. Notably, the one taking place in this community. It is we, the students, who are going to be affected if certain bills pass into legislation. It is we, the students, that will be held accountable for mishaps we may not be responsible for. And it is we, the students, that must speak out both literally and through our vote to ensure that our best interests are taken into account. It is therefore our responsibility to REGISTER TO VOTE in Salisbury so that we may have a voice in the election on April 5th.

The deadline to register is tomorrow (Tuesday). You are eligible if you a) Have a 1-year lease and b) are a valid U.S. citizen. Stop by the Wicomico Board of Elections on Bateman St. to register.It is on you to look out for yourself. This is something that your parents cannot do for you (though it'd be nice if they could). Seriously, if we can take the time to make this badass blog, then you can go out and vote. It is your right to vote. Don't take it for granted.

If you want to get your ass screwed then by all means, don't vote. But know this. There are candidates that are going to look out for college kids and there is a good chance that they wont win unless you vote in this election. Do not underestimate the level of animosity that certain people in Salisbury harbor towards the university. And don't think for a second that once elected, that animosity will not target you. We all like it when someone else looks out for us but don't assume that when nice people actually do watch your back that everybody's nice or that anybody will. Being a kid doesn't mean what it used to. This is Salisbury, not Sparta- if you aren't careful your ass is gonna be the one gettin drop kicked into the pit. Word up.

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