Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Sign Of The Times

Well Delmarva, it looks like the Daily Times is on the ball...finally. In today's editorial on Salisbury's budget crisis, The Times successfully summed up this weeks events and presented a solid critique of the Council's decision to effectively screw over Salisbury. Of course, we had to teeter on the brink of irreparable disaster for a few days in order for them to take action and speak up, but better late than never! Well done Times! Now that our media is starting to get their priorities straight, there might be hope for Salisbury after all! Keep up the good work Daily Times! Ya did us proud.

You can read the Times budget editorial here.

Our buddy Muir Boda also wrote a kick-ass letter highlighting some specifics that show how the Council was even more out of order than we originally thought. You can read that letter here. Great job Muir!

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