Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Where Is The Love? It Got Cut From The Budget

The Grinch has been kind enough to relay an article (featured in the Daily Times) by former Councilman Gary Comegys which highlights just how much Tim, Terry, and Deb despise the less fortunate members of our community. For months The Other Salisbury News has been telling the people of Delmarva that together those three would form an impenetrable trifecta of pre-planned partisanship and unchecked bias. As usual, we were right.

If someone were to fly a helicopter round the head of Lady Liberty, there's a good chance they'd catch her shedding a tear for the little town of Salisbury, MD. All American City, Mayor? Hard to pull off when our Council is about as un-American as they come; who cuts out the money set aside to make sure the poor have water? If Salisbury had an epigraph Delmarva, what would it read? Here is our guess:

We don't want your tired, your poor, or your huddled masses.
Because statistics show that they degrade property value and lead to crime.
Salisbury is for picket fences and yards with greener grasses
Anyone "less fortunate" costs the city money and takes up too much time.

Please tell all of the wretched to stop knocking at our doors
We may be a town on the water, but these are home-owner occupied shores!
We aren't the only city to legislate out the causes of blight and slum and sin
And we have the data to prove it....so leave!
There's no room for you at Salisbury's Inn.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should cut the council's bullshit health insurance. Little fuckers.