Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gullshit Alert! Use Caution Gulls!


The semester is over and this time of year is always bitter-sweet. Although most of us will be returning in the fall, for many, this is their last weekend in Salisbury. Yes, the senior class will trade-in homework and exams for a cramped cubicle next to the copier where they will spend the next 30 years of their lives climbing the corporate ladder in hopes of receiving an office with a window some day. But enough of this sappy gullshit. We've got problems to deal with....

Seeing as this is the last weekend in Salisbury, many of us are going out with a bang. While we're totally down for one last raging weekend, we are also down for a weekend free of police drama. The City is crawling with cops, Gulls. We have seen an unusually high number of cop cars roaming the college neighborhoods presumably looking for college parties to bust. We suggest that you keep your parties as inconspicuous as possible and keep the rowdiness to a minimum. The cops are already on code red so don't entice them. During our time at SU, we've noticed that the police tend to beef up their force on this particular weekend every year. Perhaps we're just paranoid but isn't it interesting that the last weekend of the semester always seems to grab the attention of the cops? I suppose busting college parties is more important than addressing the drug deals and prostitution that are taking place on church street right now. Be safe, Gulls.


Anonymous said...

attempted child abductors lurking those areas not too long ago

Anonymous said...

They search for parties because they cannot solve any real crimes