Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Business Of The Week

Maybe it's because school is almost over, maybe its because summer is almost here, but lately Holierthanthou and myself have found that we really want to turn Salisbury's frown upside down by focusing on the positives. With that in mind, we are happy to introduce you to a new tradition we are starting here on The Other Salisbury News: From now on, once a week, we will be giving good press to a local business that is doing an awesome job. This weeks business is....


Probably the best thing about Thirsty's besides its kick ass position on the corner of 13 and College, is its owner Vino (we apologize Vino, if we are spelling your name wrong). Vino is always happy, friendly, and accommodating. He is very nice to college students and anybody else who frequents his store. Seldom have Holierthanthou and myself gone in when he hasn't remembered almost every customer by face or name. He creates a delightful, student-friendly environment simply by being personable. Business community: take a note.

Gulls- if you need beer, wine, gas or cigar wraps (oh close your mouth, Deb) Thirsty's is the place to go! Vino, keep it up buddy. We appreciate you!! You are doing Salisbury a great service by running such a good business. So thanks. We salute you.

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Anonymous said...

The best thing about Thirsty's is that it's not run by that Jerk at Cheers!