Saturday, April 9, 2011

SGA Election Results

Well, only about 7% of the student population voted, but the SGA election results are in!

Jessica DiPietro received 386 votes, defeating write-in candidate Joe Esposito who received 123 votes. Sarah Jansson will be the Executive Vice President, winning 433 votes.

Other members of the executive board will include Vice President of University Affairs Shanita Williams (83 votes), Vice President of Public Relations Torey Krugle (80 votes), and Vice President of Diversity Emily Pinkham (442 votes).

The positions for Vice President of External Affairs, which did not feature any candidates on the ballot, remains unfilled as no single write-in candidates received 50 or more votes, which is required in order to be counted. The incoming executive board will appoint an individual to this position at a later date.

Congratulations to the new SGA board! The Other Salisbury News wishes you the best of luck in representing your fellow Gulls! Also, thanks to everyone that voted. While it may have not been the most competitive election, each vote cast reminds those in office that their actions and words affect the student body at large.

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