Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Shrug It Off Gulls. We got this.

Though I have to admit that I was a bit crestfallen when I learned of the new City Council (Laura Mitchell, Tim Spies, and Terry Cohen), I quickly regained optimism after spitting up in my mouth several times. Laura Mitchell has made a promise to students. She ensured that she considered students a valuable part of the community and that she would represent us on the Council. Laura, we're holding you to this promise. Expect to be in close contact with us.

Tim & Terry. We don't like you. And we don't trust you. You have deeply flawed senses of morality and you couldn't give two shits about what the public thinks. Anytime anyone says anything to either of you, you nod like a deer in the headlights and then repeat back what you said before- you don't listen. Well no more. We are watching you. We don't care what you say- actions speak louder than words. And your actions this past weekend in which you incriminated and slandered our blog so that you could win an election speak volumes about who you are. If you really want the support of students, you need to stop lying to us and start working with us. That means that you STOP TRYING TO SHUT US DOWN, stop trying to drive students out of the city and your neighborhood, and stop using the Mayor as your puppet (yea, we know about that). We are here and we are here to stay. I strongly suggest that you BOTH get involved with Salisbury University and work on creating a more student-friendly atmosphere within the community because at this point, I'm not feeling the love. Also, Terry- the next time you decide to draft legislation, notify the public and include the ENTIRE council (yea, we know about that too- you'd be surprised how many people have come to talk to us). Anything else seems shady.

Whether you decide to work with us or against us, we are here to provide news for students and we WILL be alerting them of any instance in which you even remotely consider sticking a toe out of line. We aren't idiots- we know that as soon as you get in the door you will try to pass the Neighborhood Legislative Package and when you do, we will be on you like a pack of gulls on a lone cracker. Before long, you will have thousands of students asking what the f---, and you will have to answer to the multitudes. Don't take your victory lightly. Dozens and dozens of students wanted to vote against you...they just weren't registered. A mistake we will not be making again (thanks, Flyer). At any rate, the students are stepping up so get prepared to deal with lots of us (and no Terry, your go-to bullshit about how you "care about Salisbury" will no longer be an acceptable method of handling confrontation- we expect you to actually say something).


To quote The Doors (and Lucas from Empire Records): "The time to hesitate is through." We will not sit idly as these morons run Salisbury into the ground. A class system is in the works that directly targets renters and students alike. That's right; they want our asses out! Don't be shy to speak out against this legislation and denounce it. It is your right. Use it to your advantage. Do not assume that just because they got elected, that Cohen and Spies will do right by you- they won't. These Council Members, (in our humble opinion) are not student-friendly but that does not mean that they are exempt from hearing your voice. They must consider everything that any tax-paying citizen presents to them. And students - you are tax-payers.


funnyfarm said...

I guess the city council drinking game will be quite the party with the council consisting of Campbell, Cohen, Spies, Mitchell, & Sheilds. I wonder how long it will take the Mayor to blow a gasket? I think we need to look at the rules just so we can last as long as a meeting is going to take now! I can not even imagine how long a meeting will take now that they all need to comment on every issue for at least 5 min each. It could take 4hrs... lol =( bend over Salisbury.....

Chelsea said...

I find Salisbury city council to be a joke. They spend more time arguing and getting useless fire boats purchased then tackling real issues like supporting our police department with more funds and officers. Theres a reason crime is so high here and it isn't officers only choosing to prosecute students.

I like to think if the few students who were just being assholes about it all weren't around the officers wouldn't be so tied up and could focus on the real issues.

I've been mugged in downtown and have had someone try to get in to my car while at an intersection at night (this is why you lock your doors people). If we had more officers and the support they needed I feel crime would be less of an issue.

In the meantime: My dear SU students: As one of you I know I like to go have a good time on weekends. But please, keep it down. Be respectful. Don't steal stuff from lawns or break signs. We'll all be better off with out it in the long run. Its only a rare few of you that does this but one rotten apple will spoil the bunch.

Holierthanthou said...

Chelsea. We totally agree with you. We're all for having a good time on the weekends but we agree that you must be responsible.

Unfortunately, certain council members drafted housing legislation without including the entire council which (in our opinion) directly targets renters. We feel that these Council Members are establishing a class system between homeowners and renters throughout the city and it just isn't right. In addition to the countless resources that Cohen, Campbell, and the Mayor have been pouring into this legislation, they also chose to draft it without the input or involvement of the rest of the council which resulted in the package having to be revised several times wasting more and more money and time.

Lets face it; they are targeting college students rather than drug dealers, gangs, burglars, rapists, and murderers. Only student involvement will make a difference. You have that power. Use it.

Anonymous said...

In a town of 30,000 people with 12,000 registered voters, only 12.54% of the people voted. Less than 800 votes decided the fate of this city for the next four years which is an all time low. Muir Boda lost to Tim Spies by less than 70 votes. Gulls, I hope these numbers and the sad outcome of this election teach everyone about the danger of apathy. If you want your voice heard, you will need to get involved at a higher level. As it stands now, I hope this blog follows through with monitoring the behavior of the newly elected council members or you might as well just bend over and accept the large, bulbus government intrusion that is now preparing to rape you into submission.

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen...Thanks for your continued reports/opinion. For perspective on how low things have gotten, please do some homework for us. The Board of Elections numbers will reflect a few interesting tidbits: Cohen rec'd far fewer votes in her re-election effort than she did as a new candidate 4 years ago; Neither Spies nor Cohen nor Mitchell rec'd 800 votes. In 2003, their vote totals would have placed them 4th/5th/6th by a landslide. They wouldn't have been within 1000 votes of the top vote getter, nor within 500 votes of the 3rd place candidate. These numbers illustrate the strength of the Camden area; the lack of invovlement in other areas; the lack of star power among candidates in all areas. Their "mandate" is weak. I'd venture to say that 80% of their vote totals came from the Kool Aid drinkers, i.e. The Camden mis-informed. It will be up to you all, among others, to track the Campbell/Cohen/Spies axis of evil. We hope you're up to it!! Thanks for your diligence!!