Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hi John Robinson!

Here at The Other Salisbury News, we support local businesses, especially local businesses that Albero decides to shit on. With that in mind we hereby offer Robinson's Jewelry and Clock Store free advertising for the next 5 months. In fact, the same offer stands for any and all local businesses (or business owners) that have been attacked by Sbynews. For more information, please contact us @ Thanks Delmarva, have a great day!


John D Robinson said...

Thank-you. And I will take you up on your offer.
And let me also thank-WBOC for the great news piece.
My logos is being mailed to you! I will be glad to do shirts, signs and hats for you with your site so you can pass them out!

BlackSheba said...

Awesome John! We will get up with you shortly :)

DLP said...

"my logos is being mailed to you"...quite a vocab..
plus he's buying $200,000 A WEEK in gullible are you Gulls??

BlackSheba said...

Just gullible enough to help him make more. Have a good day :)