Monday, April 4, 2011


GULLSHIT ALERT!!! THE OTHER SBY NEWS IS UNDER ATTACK BY COHEN AND SPIES!!! That's right Gulls, our blog is being targeted by two of the candidates running for Salisbury City Council. And this isn't the first time either. On March 11 at a "Town & Gown Meeting" hosted by Salisbury University, multiple witnesses watched in horror as Terry Cohen demanded that the Dean of Students hunt us down and "take disciplinary action" against us. Another witness later observed a puffed-up Tim Spies telling a University official to "shut us down." The University, who is aware of the First Amendment, promptly refused these requests. Upon that denial, Spies and Cohen took to their lair (in the basement of the city government building, we imagine) and began to plot a campaign against us....for starting a blog they didn't like.

Fast forward three weeks. Boss Cohen and her toady Spies are pounding the pavement just as fast their little legs can carry them spreading as much anti-student blog propaganda as they can to the student body.

Fast forward a few hours. Blacksheba and myself are sitting on the floor in front of a pile of ridiculous pamphlets, toasting to our success and laughing our asses off. Voter intimidation? Really Tim? Thanks for helping us prove our point...turd.

Ok. Now that we've sobered up, allow us to set the record straight.

1. We do not work for "special interests" nor do we have "profit motives" (you can find these allegations right under the picture of Terry in the "STOP HATIN" shirt...we know- the irony is too much lol).

2. We have not "posted misleading information" and we are not "exploiting tenants." We are tenants so obviously we aren't exploiting ourselves. And everything we say is backed up with fact- we justify all of our opinions by citing various legal and political documents that are f-d up- just like we learned in school.

3. The Crime Free Lease Addendum, as it was originally written by Councilwoman Cohen, Councilwoman Campbell, and Mayor Ireton, did mandate that landlords would have to evict you for smoking a joint, getting one under-age drinking citation, or getting a noise violation. (We have a link to the addendum available for your viewing pleasure.) The new version of the package says that the landlord can evict you for smoking a joint, getting an underage drinking citation, or getting a noise violation...yea, thanks for the clarification Terry. Helpful.

4. Despite dedicating nearly 3 pages to her own endorsement, Mrs. Cohen is actually being too modest. Terry didn't tell you in her pamphlet, but she was "instrumental" not only in bringing The Neighborhood Legislative Package to Salisbury (which would effectively remove all our housing alternatives except UP, UV, and On-Campus options) but in getting the 4-2 Legislation passed a few years ago. Basically 4-2 means that only two non-related people can live in certain houses at a time as opposed to've probably heard of it, and you've probably said it was stupid...that's because it is. You can thank Terry for the extra hours she put in getting that one through the door.

1. First of all- what's with the fish? Second of all it's hard enough to get students to vote one time in an election. You really think that college kids are gonna muster up the energy to vote twice?

2. WTF Tim. Are you saying that The Other Salisbury News is going to show up wearing brass knuckles at Cynthia's Place to drive students to the polls? We don't need to use voter intimidation Tim, we have facts. Facts>Fists.

3. Landlords aren't telling anyone how to vote. At least ours aren't. And neither is anybody elses that we know. So get off that. You are still pissed about stuff that happened 4 years ago. It's time to move on. The dots have to be there before you can connect them and Tim- we don't see any dots.

4. How in the hell did you help twist Salisbury's crime fighting package (Safe Streets) into housing regulation? You weren't even on the council....oh, we get it. You and Terry have been working together on this whole anti-renter scheme behind closed doors for a while now. Gotcha.

Gulls- it's up to you what you want to believe. We aren't gonna push you. But take a moment to ask yourselves- why would 2 candidates who supposedly support the student voice try so hard to discredit a little student blog? What are they so afraid of? Why are they being so defensive? If anything we said was untrue, why wouldn't they have just emailed us directly instead of going door to door all over Salisbury passing out defamatory flyers that trash talk us? Doesn't that seem a bit shady to you? Or at the very least, unprofessional? Whatever, if you wanna vote for em, vote for em. But don't be surprised if Salisbury sucks even more after they've won....cause it will.


Anonymous said...

HOLY SHIT!!! Totally found a flyer on my door today. I'm not big into politics but this shit is crazy.

BlackSheba said...

Right? It's f-d up is what it is. Please vote so these lunatics don't get elected.

VampirePoliticalParty said...

I'll vote alright, and yes this is getting pretty damn crazy. I am still unsure as to facts here. both sides are denying the others facts furiously. your editorials are sharp, witty, and pointed, yet they lack credibility, mainly due to said wit. this may be asking a lot, but a comparison between YOUR friends and enemies in the coming election based on and backed up by several linked documents/records, all in one place, would go a long way to making your case.

Anonymous said...

The fact that they are trying to infringe on your right to have a blog is reason enough to not vote for them, I don't even need to know about the other crazy shit they have done. They obviously have no respect for our rights. I am sorry but after what has been happening in the middle east, I will be damned if I vote for anyone who is that ignorant of what rights I have in expressing my opinion.

Also, all that legislation is bullshit and there are real problems that need to be taken care of. It is ridiculous that I knew 5 people who have been stabbed in salisbury throughout my time in highschool. It is ridiculous that while in highschool we were put on lock down because of gangs outside the school. It is ridiculous that it is unsafe to fill my car up with gas after dark.

WAKE UP SALISBURY! What has sadly become that status quo in this town is NOT NORMAL!

Jonathan Taylor aka The SalisburyGrinch said...

Keep up the good fight you all are doing the students proud

chuckie said...

Yeah JT i was thinking the same thing. The students at SU have really been getting screwed over the past cpl of years.I'ts nice to see some of students take notice of whats going on around here.

Anonymous said...

this so ridiculous. i just got home from class and found their pamphlets in my door, including the one about landlords intimidating voters. I've never heard of anyone's landlords telling them who to vote for, and I completely agree these candidates need to move on from old news.

FredG said...

I've just found your site through researching black sheba. She's a toughie, I think I'll like listening to her. My comment is, isn't it funny how the pretend big heads of local politics, want your votes so desperately, but their reality is to Not give you representation, in essance put the screws to you! Your young, do the nice thing, smoke their asses like there's no tomorrow, get every person you can get and give them exactly what they did not want. In this case, a helluva lote of votes against those that work against you. You'll sleep better at night if you do, and have alot of fun in the process. I dispise liars anf other like beings that prey on those, that are not able to defend themselves, like so many that I see, who do not understand computers or they fear retaliation from that big bad Monster out there. I'm an old turd and learned long before you were born, Monsters only exist when you allow them to exist. They come in many levels of bad spirit, but always they want to convince the multitudes, of just how wonderful, they really are. The words that I prefer to use to acurately descibe them, you do not want posted here because it's rank, so my thrust is heard through ol'Doc. He allow us old dogs to hunt Monsters, and right now we've got OUR eyes on a Monster and his like Monster supporters that tout a slogg of mean spirited lies. In my mind they all are criminals. I really wish you well, not only with your blogg, but especially your involvement in politics. Truth is king in my book, and not just my truth, the truth for all of us in this life. Hope your people get the votes they need, because Salisbury needs one helluva change in her government. I personally think a clean sweep is necessary, but I'm told I'm alot to radical because I feel the same way, about our federal government too. Their mismanagers of your future, along with your children's future. These are just simple facts that are clear to those that come from a different era in America. Almost invarably back in the 1950's, all people were decent, everybody and every race worked together, continually without contention or problems, because every one had to be a hard worker, just to survive, without some group running their mouths forcing them to. Respect was a given, honesty was expected, and morality, a whole lot better then your faced with today. CULater KIdos Good luck today.

BlackSheba said...

Thanks for the support FredG! Please tell your friends about us! We need more backing from locals like you in the community. In the meantime, we appreciate your input and will keep it in mind as we expand. Have a great day!