Friday, April 15, 2011


Gulls- Are you tired of spending your weekends waiting in line in somebody's dingy basement for a foam filled solo-cup? Yea, so are we. That's why you should join us at Downtown Salisbury's Third Friday!! Once a month, Salisbury's historic downtown takes a break from dying its slow, painful death to treat the community to live music, local artists, open door sales, and at least one kiosk selling beer (if it's the same as last month). There will also be jewelry stands from Eastern shore artisans and discounts in the thrift shops (if you are like us and like to shop second-hand smart). It's going to be a beautiful evening and lots of the local residents will be there- what better way to change their minds about students than to mingle with them at tonight's community-based celebration? The Mayor will also be there, manning his post at Flavors, and since this whole shindig was his idea (one of exactly five good ideas he has had since his election) we encourage you to take the opportunity to tell him what you, as students, would like to see happen in Salisbury. Seeing as his biggest campaign promise was to bring the community together, he should be thrilled to hear your input. So take a break from your favorite frat party tonight Gulls, and get to know Salisbury... or better yet, give Salisbury the chance to know you.

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