Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So we watched the political forum at SU- the one in TETC that we weren't invited to- on PAC 14. Here are our thoughts on the candidates:

Orville: If you are going to be a politician you need to vote in elections. However, we like you. You made lots of good points when you were able to get a word in, but you have GOT to speak up and look like you mean it- Step it up.

Bruce: You also need to vote. And it's hard for us to take you seriously when you say you don't like politics and ordinarily wouldn't be involved. On top of that, now that you are involved, you admitted to liking Jim's package... Neighborhood Legislative Package... which means that you don't want efficient solutions to crime and that you want us out of your neighborhood. FAIL.

Laura: You've got potential. You seem like a reasonable individual and Lord knows the Council needs reason like the desert needs water. It looks like you want to bring some business into this pitiful flatland of ours and we like that. But you also supported everything in the Mayors package but amortization and that is unacceptable.

Tim: We know for a fact that you want our blog shut down so no matter what you say, we probably won't like you.

Terry: Same goes for you. On top of that, you helped write the Mayor's terrible package, you haven't brought business to Salisbury, and you accused us of "fear mongering" when all we did was intelligently quote your own material. You will not be getting our vote-now or ever.

Muir: We like you. You are young, reasonable, and ambitious. You took notes the entire meeting and referred back to them when need be. You like business, don't like taxes, and don't support the Mayors package. You have common sense and a spine which is a rare combo around these parts. Keep up the good work.

There will be another meeting at Bethany Lutheran Church at 7:00 on Thursday, March 24. We encourage everyone to attend.


Anonymous said...

When referring to the Jim's Package or the Mayor's package, we are talking about the Legislative Package, right?

BlackSheba said...

Yes, we are referring to the Safe Streets 2010 Neighborhood Legislative Package...that just gets to be a lot to type.