Thursday, March 31, 2011

Joe Albero Lowers The Bar Yet Again.

Joe Albero published an email (with editor's comments) stating that many locals are pushing an initiative to boycott businesses that advertise with his blog. Lucky for us, Joe-feeny does a bang-up job of defaming himself which makes our job a lot easier.

In his Editor's notes, this blogger goes into some spiel in which he compares himself to Howard Stern stating that "While MOST people may not like him, millions of listeners go to his radio show and advertisers pay massive rates to run ads on his show." So let me get this straight Joe- you're admitting that just like Howard Stern, MOST people may not like you, yet they continue to advertise with your blog because it receives such an enormous amount of web traffic. (chuckle)

Joe just stated that he's reached 280,000 comments, some good, some bad. He states "Mind you, this number does not include those comments in which we have rejected and trust me, there's a LOT!" This is just me, but if I were advertising with a blogger that just admitted to refusing "a LOT" of comments (probably because they weren't massaging his posterior the way he likes) then I'd probably deduce that his support isn't as high as I might've been lead to believe. But that's just me. 

So here's the rub on Albero and Stern- Howard Stern's audience actually likes him....Joe's doesn't. We check his blog day after day to see what kind of Gullshit he's posted and how many briars he has stuck up his ass before navigating away to a more reputable source of hear-say. 

Thanks Joe. You've given us gold and now we're forging jewelry. 

P.S. To all the small businesses that do advertise with SBYnews, Remember this post: Joe Albero Thought It True Enough To Post...

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