Thursday, March 17, 2011


Happy St. Patty's Day Everyone! I'd like to kick off our favorite drinking holiday with a heartfelt reminder to all Salisbury Seagulls to be on your toes this evening for our local law enforcement officials who will be out scouring the streets for any signs of Ireland-related mischief or debauchery. Next on the agenda- we thought that you might enjoy a little history lesson to go along with your cornbeef and cabbage. And so, with beers in our hands and fiddles in our hearts, we are very pleased to bring you the legend of St. Patrick:

First of all, he wasn't Irish. According to St. Pat was kidnapped from his British homeland and dragged kicking and screaming to the green country to be a slave for the Irish. After escaping and running home to Britain 6 years later, he was promptly visited by holy visions instructing him to get his ass back over to Ireland to convert as many pagans as he could to Christianity. Well, he tried. He became a missionary and did go back but the Irish didn't warm up to Christianity quite as quickly as he hoped. So, he did what any good Christian would do- he allowed the pagans to infiltrate his religion with ritual nature symbols and voila! We have the celtic cross- a very stylish combo of the Roman cross and the Irish sun god. Isn't history fun? We think so!

Don't forget to punish the jerks who don't wear green with a firm pinch on the ass. Happy St. Patty's everyone! Have fun tonight!!
...and drink responsibly

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