Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Get Ready- We're Rollin Out The Rainbow!

Here at The Other Salisbury News, we believe that political parties are on the way out. So we don't really care what philosophy you subscribe to- do what you want. For all we care, you could be a democrat who supports the war or a republican who is pro-choice. Why should everything have to fall into only two categories of red or blue? Consider us a purple blog- a blog that works with what most of us have in common instead of what drives most of us apart. Our generation actually has a lot it can agree on and when it comes to politics, that is the stuff we want to promote. So...

We support Planned Parenthood because they educate people about responsibility.
We support Small Business because they are run by hard-working people with quality products.
We support Gay Rights- because everybody deserves representation regardless of their sexual orientation.
We support the troops because...we don't wanna go to hell?

We believe in tolerance across the board and are an anti-bully blog. Now you may be saying to yourself, "Wait a minute, isn't the pot calling the kettle black?! The Other Salisbury News bully's Cohen, Campbell, and the Mayor all the time!" To answer your question: Nope. You can't bully a bully. And those three are bullies. When they cease to be bullies, we will leave them alone, but for right now we will continue to call them out.

ANYWAY. We are proud to introduce our first ever politically affiliated link. And here it is! Roll out the rainbow people cause here comes the list of the Top 50 Celebrity Gays!

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