Monday, October 10, 2011

Here Ye! Here Ye! By Order of The Imperial Council...

If you didn't have the misfortune of watching this evenings horrific marathon city council meeting, The Other SBY News is here to fill you in: Salisbury's City Government is now under the control of what we shall henceforth be referring to as The Imperial Council (T.I.C. for short). Yes peasants, tonight's by-monthly civic disgrace yielded some very interesting results indeed as T.I.C. voted to alter the City Charter in order to give themselves the ability to appoint or dismiss private legal council, among other things. This little amendment which was passed despite the recurring objections of Councilwomen Mitchell and Shields, was voted into existence by Cohen, Campbell, and Spies. Shocker.

Just for clarity, here are some of reasons Shields and Mitchell cited for voting Nay:
  • The entire amendment was drawn up sloppily within one weeks time and is thus filled with all kinds of grammatical and ethical mistakes.
  • Legal council is already available to Council by way of phone, email, or at the very least good personal communication skills.
  • The public has not had time to be made fully aware of the amendment or been given enough information to form their opinion on it.
  • It tips the balance of power upon which our Strong-Mayor City Government is set up.
  • Only 2 City Councils in the entire state of Maryland have private authority over legal council.
  • It is a badly veiled attempt to counter any legal action being taken against Council by Mayor and thus has nothing to do with the taxpayers aside from the fact that it screws us.
Like all political factions climbing the power latter, T.I.C. all put on their best pandering hats to try to slip Resolution 2109 past the citizens radar unnoticed. They should have had a dress rehearsal. Here are just some of the contradictions which cropped up in Cohen, Campbell, and Spies badly choreographed attempts to hijack our city government:
  • Spies called Mitchell's attempt to make sure that the taxpayers aren't on the hook for increased legal costs "superfluous," insisting that her proposition to hold Council monetarily accountable for incurred fees "just wasn't efficient." Aside from the fact that this logic makes no sense let's take a moment to remember who its coming from: this is the same man who just weeks ago justified councils taking inventory on how many paper plates Urban Salisbury was allowed to purchase, yea and people wonder why they voluntarily disbanded.
  • Though Cohen impressed the point that she simply wanted Council to be viewed as more than "a legal afterthought, as they have been for many years," she shot that theory to shit when she went on this, shall we say, less than subtle 3rd person diatribe- "When the Council President is contacted by the Mayor as if the Council President is an employee and demands that the Council President write a letter to the state explaining a Council Vote, you better believe that this Council President will be seeking legal council." Yea, cause Cohen should never have to justify anything...especially not to the Mayor of the City...who she is basically boycotting. Silly man, what was he thinking?
  • Campbell, (who, by the end of the meeting was so desperate to convince us of her martyrdom that she was just seconds away from whipping out some kindling and tying herself to the flagpole) kept insisting that "our system is broken" and "must be fixed." And yet she has been working in this system for over a decade and this is the first that we have heard about it. How is that every other city in Maryland (barring 2) operates just fine with that system but in Salisbury, it is broken? Oh that's right, cause the Mayor is telling the necessary authorities that Campbell's political priorities make her a racist and she wants to retaliate from within the confines of city government... yea, that's what broke it.
The Mayor was absent from the meeting due to PTA...yea....but his letter addressed to the City Council, (which was read by John Pick) did a lovely job of calling T.I.C. out and throwing yet another wrench into this clusterf**k of an equation, "the city will shift from strong mayor to parliamentary" he said, simply so that the Council can fire the present city attorney and hire a new one. Great.

Still for The Other SBY News, the most ironic event of the night had to be the fact that throughout the entire debate about whether T.I.C. should have unfettered access to their own legal council (on the basis that they didn't have any), they were asking City Attorney Paul Wilber for his professional opinion. Makes ya proud, don't it?


Anonymous said...

Those dumb cunts need to spend more time getting the cobwebs out of their dry pussies before they totally destroy the city. Spies, too.

BlackSheba said...

Yeeeaaa while we don't moderate comments, we'd appreciate it if ya could step it up in the language dept. They are already bad politicians- we don't need to go that far into the gutter to get at em. Thanks :)