Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The End Is In Sight!

Well Gulls, the end is just one week away. Its been a crazy semester for all of us and thank God that it's coming to an end. SU Graduates- Good luck and best wishes! Our grim future depends on you. And lets face it; the work force and government needs some young innovation and influence to politely kick it in the ass.

Our generation is unique in that we were raised to have opinions, voices, and backbones. At an early age, we learned the importance of standing up for our rights. Guaranteed rights that were established to protect us against too much government, exploitation, discrimination, ect. Still, it offends some local governments (*coughSalisburycough*) when the citizens express their discontent with the local government and the manner in which they choose to address the mulitude of problems surrounding this city (the nerve, right?). Contrary to the vivid imaginations of several elected officials, we are not waging war against Salisbury. We're simply stating our two cents which we do out of love for this troubled city.

We kinda feel like Salisbury is our drug addict mother. We tried to send her to rehab when she started snorting coke but the court (City Government) didn't take us seriously. Now she's 70 lbs, constipated, and on house arrest for robbing a 7-Eleven so that she could afford her hourly heroine fixes. We love Salisbury, but it's time for an intervention. It's time for Salisbury to get clean. We want a pristine (or at least bio-hazard free) river, a thriving downtown, more industry (that means encouraging business; not eradicating it like the black plague), and student-friendly establishments. When (not 'if') this is achieved, Salisbury will enjoy a better economy, a higher standard of living, higher average income per household, and our declining neighborhoods will be restored to their former glory. We need to invite, entice, and encourage people to live, rent, and conduct business in the City. Currently, we're doing the exact opposite. These are hard times and twice-monthly discussions are not enough. We need team work and we need action.

This is our way of extending the olive branch to any individual, organization, or establishment interested in improving our city. Salisbury is in a bad way people...we need a comprehensive action plan and the allocation on funds designated for the revitalization of Salisbury. Huddle formation, people! Can I hear a pressure cooker?


Anonymous said...

What do you all think about the shooting at Gully's? The place opened with the intention of being a college your opinion, what went wrong?

Holierthanthou said...

This is our take of the situation:
-2002: An individual was shot at Club Visage (Gully's current location) and injured.

-2008: After new management took over and renamed it the Bottle Factory, there was yet another shooting (this time a drive-by) which resulted in a young woman's death. That was the end of the Bottle Factory nightclub.

-2011: In January, a physical altercation broke out resulting in the hospitalization of the victim.

-2011: In May, just a few days ago, a Gully's employee (bouncer) shot two people resulting in their hospitalization.

Perhaps we're going out on a limb in speculating that there might be a pattern here. This location, since being occupied by nightclubs, has played host to at least 4 extreme acts of violence, one of which was initiated by an employee of the establishment.

This leads us to believe that a) the management was doing a shitty job of conducting business and b) that with such a plethora of assaults, this location is not particularly well suited to be a nightclub.

It's also very possible that with the increased gang activity within Salisbury, some of these incidents could be gang-related. Unfortunately, our elected officials would rather address more pressing issues like passing redundant and discriminating housing legislation. But we're just stupid college kids. Thanks for your question and keep commenting! You're involvement is essential to our city! :-)

Anonymous said...

I went in there a couple times and there were like people passed out everywhere. Alot of the people there weren't even in college. I'm pretty sure they would just let anybody in. After two visits i decided not to go back. I def blame the owner.

Anonymous said...

I think that once a location gets a reputation for violence, that is the end of the road for any similar business in that location.

My spousal unit is convinced that "hip-hop" party nights are what does it.
Bottle Factory started doing those, we saw how that ended...
Is it Cactus Club that also just closed because they couldn't control their crowds? Same situation - the last few places that were there all had violence problems.
And what about that club a few years ago? (ambrosia?) Also closed for violence during hip-hop nights.

Brew River has those problems too. I know a lot of people who won't go there at night anymore.

Starting to see a pattern, but not just in one location...


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