Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Survey Results

In our most recent survey we asked the question "Do you feel represented by the new City Council?" and received the following 39 responses:
  • Hell Yea! - 2 Votes (5%)
  • Hell No! - 30 Votes (77%)
  • IDGAF! - 7 Votes (17%)
  • Huh? - 0 Votes (0%)
  • 5% of voters (aka the Camden Neighborhood Assoc.) do feel represented by the new City Council.  
  • 77% of voters (aka the overwhelming majority of Salisbury) feel misrepresented and are now finding themselves neck deep in gullshit....perhaps because they didn't vote?
  • 17% of voters are still convinced that local politics will have little to no affect on them and thus feel no obligation to participate. Perhaps they'll reconsider when the gullshit hits the fan.
  • Finally (much to our surprise), there were zero votes for "Huh?" Could this actually mean that college kids are taking interest in local issues and educating themselves? Me thinks Debbie just broke out in hives. We'll send you some Aveeno Deb.
Our chance to make a difference was not lost on this election. We still have two decent Council Members (Laura Mitchell and Shanie Shields). Laura is very involved with Salisbury University (her husband is a professor) and Shanie has been an advocate for the 90% of Salisbury that does not reside in the Camden Neighborhood. These are our people. While they may not agree with everything we stand for (and are in no way affiliated with our blog), they are honest, informed, and fair people. Rest assured that they will consider your concerns and work towards a common goal rather than imposing legislation on you that was drafted without the participation of the entire Council and caters to their own set of beliefs. Though we hold these two individuals in high regard, we also encourage you to contact all City Officials (Mayor included) and demonstrate a genuine concern for our community.

The time to sit idly while a select group of individuals calls the shots needs to end (unless your down with that in which case we would appreciate the memo so we can stop while we're ahead). We students are 8,000 strong. It is time that we demonstrate our overwhelming potential to make Salisbury a better place for all. We encourage you to reach out to locals, extend a helping hand to your neighbor, and express a desire to make Salisbury both student-friendly and resident-friendly. This is our only option Gulls. Otherwise, I will be stacking POD storage units on the 4th floor of the parking garage and renting them out for cheap.

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