Sunday, April 17, 2011

Reflections of A Civil Servant


Let us begin by saying that we are also college students and we totally understand the mental and physical agony that one experiences at the mere mention of local politics. That's why we're here; to take away the sting.

Louise Smith, retiring City Council President, has issued a statement in which she reflects on her past 4 years as a civil servant to the City of Salisbury. Though we would typically sift through and extract the key points of such publications, we feel as though our traditional approach would butcher Louise's ultimate message. At this point, we are proud to provide a copy of Louise's message:

COMMENTARY - April 17, 2011
It’s been an honor and privilege to serve these 4 years as City Council President. 
I’ve worked with some of the finest leaders in the area.  I’ve made numerous speeches, attended innumerable events and meetings; however, I have been inspired and uplifted by the goodness of so many people.  Recapping my journey, I am reminded of some great moments as I stayed in touch with the ordinary folks.   
Weekly I drove around the City; reporting to administration needed improvements.   Badly deteriorated railroad crossings resulted in tracks removed or repaired.  A building eyesore on Healthway Drive is removed.  Hazardous sidewalks are replaced and other areas without sidewalks are under review for grant funding.  The unkempt appearance of the City Park grounds, rain garden and fountain are beautifully refurbished.  My extensive street sweeping analysis for 2008 is under review for improvements.

I implemented 12 fall and spring cleanup efforts in the Church Street/Doverdale neighborhoods.  More than 20 volunteers dedicated over 9,030 hours collecting over 20.11 tons of trash and 1,515 pounds of recyclables.

Participating in “Women Build Day” for Habitat for Humanity was a humbling experience.  I was touched by the many unsung heroes who look after our most vulnerable as I’ve visited Grace Church during the feeding of the homeless, Christian Shelter, Village of Hope, Atria Assisted Living, Lower Shore Enterprises, Anchorage Nursing Home,  Holly Center’s Christmas gift giving to their residents and so many others. 

I pledged to have the City’s audit completed without months of delay.  Each year it improved.  The 2010 audit report, a milestone was reached; it was received December 8th, the earliest since 2003, with no instances of noncompliance in the financial statements and no material weaknesses in federal programs.

Three years I hosted Issues and Answers on PAC 14, a monthly program designed to expand the transparency of city government’s functioning.    

I’ve had a good journey and now this leg of my own improbable journey comes to an end and I look forward to the title of citizen of Salisbury. 
I thank the many people who have been my most trusted and valuable advisors for helping me to identify not only challenges, but solutions to those challenges.  I thank my political adversaries for keeping me nimble and the media for keeping me humble.  And, I thank my family and friends for their undying support.
I am grateful for the opportunity to serve.
God bless you.
                         Louise Smith
                                          Salisbury City Council President      


Louise has helped us out countless times over the past 4 years. She has been one of the most student-friendly members to serve on the City Council while maintaining her promise to represent local residents as well; a platform not easily attainted. As a gesture of appreciation for all sacrifices that she has made for us, we ask you to GIVE IT UP FOR LOUISE FOR BEING A BOSS!!!

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Anonymous said...

Louise, your dignity and sincerity will be sorely missed.