Sunday, April 3, 2011


The article below provides a little bit of history on one of the lesser known City Council Candidates- Bruce Ford. The Other Salisbury News came away from last weeks forum with the distinct impression that Ford was a puppet for somebody- and a bad one at that. Looks like we were right.


Anonymous said...

Apparently, the City Council has become a tag team operation. We've been given the team of Bruce Ford and Jeff Dean, Tim Spies and Terry Cohen, Terry Cohen and Debbie Campbell? Is Jeff Dean going to be filling in for Bruce when Bruce can't make a council meeting which is bound to happen when you work two full time jobs and have four kids in addition to being a council member? Do you suppose these folks will all share a website to inform the lowly public of their machinations on what is best for us all? I find the whole election affair in this city rather scary and unethical. Please vote for reasonable people who are interested in working together and listening to public input. The city is going to disintegrate if we don't put a stop to the team approach to governance and vote for individuals who will think for themselves.

Holierthanthou said...

well said