Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Look Gulls- it comes down to this. Joel Dixon was a young, happy go lucky, student friendly candidate who lost the primaries last month by 1 vote. Did you get that? 1 VOTE!!! We know that theres a lot of apathy out there; the sentiment that "my vote doesn't matter" is really popular with our generation. But here's the thing- in Salisbury, your vote does matter. It matters A LOT. Your vote can actually make or break this local election- that's how important it is.

There's a lot on the table for college students today- people are running who will not act in our best interest if they win. For years their sole goal has been to take back their neighborhoods...and look where we are. Crime is through the roof, the economy is in the shitter, there are no jobs, and neighbor on neighbor animosity is as high as it's ever been. Do you want to spend the rest of your time in college under the thumb of a council with a blatantly anti-student agenda? Do you want to tell your kids that you would have had a great time in college if the town you went to school in didn't suck so much? More over, do you want to tell your kids that you had the chance to make things different but passed it up...cause you didn't feel like getting off the couch?

Are you tired of complaining about Salisbury? Then do something about it. Don't sit still when so much is on the line. Get out to the polls today and please VOTE FOR MUIR BODA, ORVILLE DRYDEN, AND LAURA MITCHELL at HARVEST BAPTIST CHURCH (right behind the Giant liquor store and across from the pawn shop). YOU HAVE UNTIL 7:00 P.M. TONIGHT. Students, for the first time ever, the future of Salisbury is depending you...please don't let us down. GO GULLS!


Anonymous said...

You have to be registered in Wicomico County to vote right? :(

BlackSheba said...

I believe for City Elections you have to be registered to vote in Wicomico County and you have to live within city limits. However- you can still help get the message out by telling all of your friends (especially if you know any locals) to go vote. We really need the students to come through today, so tell everyone you know that can get involved to get involved. Thanks! :)

vixenvigilante said...

I'm not sure which voting location it was, but as reported on Albero's blog, there had only been 450 votes cast as of 2 P.M. That should highlight that EVERY VOTE really does count.