Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You Can Get Evicted For That?!?! Protect Yourself

Alright college students, here's the rub. Certain City Council members as well as the Mayor have proposed housing legislation that directly affects you. We don't expect any sane college student to read this bill (although if you want to it is provided in the article below) so we have done the research for you. Here is what you need to know: if the Neighborhood Legislative Package is passed then you could be evicted after ONE "Verified law enforcement call" or THREE "Verified housing enforcement calls" within a 3-month period. You may think "well I won't get cited 3 times in 3 months." WRONG! It only takes three visits from Neighborhood Services and Code Compliance to equal one code violation; after three verified calls for service (9 citations) they can kick your ass out. Then you're homeless and you've still got to pay off the remainder of your lease (because the Council didn't think of shit like that when they were writing it). To give you a grasp on the situation, a beer bottle on your front lawn, a car without tags in your driveway, or a weed in your sidewalk are all examples of code violations. As for "verified law enforcement calls", you only need one to be evicted. Examples include keeping alcohol in the house if any of your roommates are underage, noise violations, party reports, ect. Think this is unfair? Yea, that's cause it is. But you can expect more of the same if you don't do something NOW. Don't wait. The reason they can write shit like this is because they assume that we are not paying attention. The only way you can protect yourself is to VOTE. Vote for student friendly candidates...people who YOU KNOW will not stand by and watch as other council members write bills like this one. Be heard, be loud, and be proactive. Register to vote (in Salisbury).

If you have any questions about the Crime Free Lease Addendum or about any part of the Neighborhood Legislative Package and how it affects you, feel free to contact us by email or check out the proposed legislation HERE. Pay special attention to the Crime Free Lease Addendum, Periodic Area Search, and the Repeated Calls For Service Sections. The Crime Free Lease Addendum has been posted in the article below and is highlighted in red for your convenience. Have a great day!

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