Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We Nominate Roberta Wechsler For Canonization.

In case you haven't heard, Sarah Foxwell's Grandmother Roberta Wechsler literally ripped Joe Albero a new asshole today on WBOC and it was GLORIOUS!!! WBOC has published a link to this lovely display of karmic retribution so that we may all relive it- Thank you Mrs. Wechsler.The Other Salisbury News admires your courage and conviction, especially in the wake of such a terrible, terrible loss. We are sending our prayers to you and the entire Foxwell family- God bless.


Anonymous said...

I physically had to cry in outrage when I listened to this poor woman's righteous indignation. Never has a human being had more cause to speak and be heard. Never has their been a bigger reason for society to collectively reject another person's horrific behavior. Never has there been a cause with more moral fortitude. May God Bless the Foxwell family. Hopefully, the prayers of this community will lift you up and help you heal from the horrible loss of your child and from the repeated exploitation of Sarah's death by Joe Albero for his own personal gain.

Anonymous said...

Can you believe the balls on that woman??? I'm almost 50 years old and I've yet to see a telling off that good. Albero is DONE!

Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Joe's ass is still puckered.