Thursday, March 10, 2011


Students!! Listen up- you can still register to vote in the upcoming City of Salisbury Election! You have until March 15th! Register to vote at the Wicomico County Board of Elections on Bateman Street across from the parking garage! For many of you that is on the walk home anyway!!! You have until March 15th to register but DO NOT WAIT! THEY ARE COUNTING ON YOUR INDIFFERENCE! For years students have stood by as the elections have swung one way or the other and shrugged as the results came in. Show them that this year is different. The residents of Salisbury think that we are no more than a frizbee playing, pot-smoking, binge-drinking giant. They are wrong. WE ARE A SLEEPING GIANT. And it is time to show Salisbury what we can do when we are awake. Vote.


Anonymous said...

Are you a student looking for a candidate that you can support during the upcoming elections, check out Muir Boda. Here is just one of the pieces of his platform which can be read on his website ...

"Changing our approach and looking at how much our city benefits from Salisbury University should encourage us to look for ways that we can work with Salisbury University on addressing issues of concern. The students are an important part of the economy here in Salisbury, they rent housing here, they shop here, they work here and yes, some live life to the fullest."

...need I say more? But whoever you like, just get out and VOTE, we are a college not a retirement home!

Holierthanthou said...

Thats exactly right Anon 11:19! Thanks for your input and we look forward to hearing from you in the future!