Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In Response to Joe's Blog

Joseph Albero posted a blog about SAPOA blah blah blah. Shocker. Here's a link if you so desire to read a crock of propaganda: http://sbynews.blogspot.com/2011/03/comment-worthy-of-post_07.html

Here is my response which of course he did not post:

Alas, Holierthanthou has returned for only something as sinister as this would drawl me out of my dwelling. Now i challenge every person that reads this comment to reflect inward on yourself and what your argument is. After doing some digging, i've confirmed that T.J. Maloney is not only a landlord but also a lawyer. Not just a lawyer but apparently a lawyer that represents SAPOA. Now lets ask ourselves. Does this sound like something that a lawyer would go around saying. I'm sure that he's got a good grasp on what his rights guarantee him however why on earth would he open this can of worms when he's already got so much on his plate with this whole SAPOA thing. 

Perhaps this is a more plausible rendition of what really happened. After doing extensive research, conducting multiple interviews with various landlords, and sculpting all of my gathered information into a magnificent masterpiece for my political science presentation, i have made many relevant discoveries. Landlords have been working diligently to get college students registered to vote in the city elections. It is obvious that landlords want these kids to vote so their people get into office but that is not the only thing i discovered. I was in attendance when one landlord's client filled out a voter registration form and this individual was very careful not to tell this young lady who to vote for. She said that her rights as a renter may be on the line and that she should research the candidates to see who would offer the most to renters. NEVER TOLD THIS GIRL WHO TO VOTE FOR. T.J. probably told this kid that he is at risk of being evicted if the current legislation passes. In true rumor fashion, this kid probably stumbled over his words and sent out the wrong message. The only reason this even made it on the blog is because somebody knew that i would stir up all the ill-informed readers and cause a big old pot of trouble for the parties concerned. 

The fact that so many people are anti-renter really goes to show that many don't know exactly what they're talking about. Stereotypical prejudices are being place on these kids because certain individuals have used the media to twist things so that they may push their personal vendettas (i mean agendas) against opposing parties. If you don't believe that all of these people are in cahoots then take a gander at this website. Courtesy of Terry Cohen. Look at them all hobnobbing together. Don't be afraid to post this Joe. You ought to at least get both sides of the story before you go around posting stuff.



Anonymous said...

I really respect what you’re doing here. Keep going that way. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for posting this. I quite agree with your opinion.

Anonymous said...

OMG, do you see whats occurring in Syria? Regardless of a brutal government crackdown, the manifestations continue