Sunday, March 13, 2011

Concerns You May Be Having

Many may be concerned that we are anti-law enforcement or that by posting on this blog (even anonymously) one might be, in some way, subject to punishment. Allow us to clarify. Our aim is not to march on Jim Ireton's residence (torch and pitchfork in hand), bum rush the Police Department, or pillage Downtown Salisbury. We are here to provide students with relevant news the way we see it and to encourage student involvement. We hold police officers, men and women that risk their lives daily, in the highest regard. It is the way in which these officers have been instructed (by their superiors) to respond to certain calls that we take issue with. Notably, one must also understand that law enforcement is made up of far more than simply the police department.

With regard to the latter concern, we are exercising our right to free speech and anybody else that posts on this blog is also exercising that same right. Consider this blog a safe haven. A place where you get to say whatever the hell is bugging you and then let us do the rest. Furthermore, anybody that experiences a violation of that right on this blog will be fully backed by the creators of this blog as well as all of our supporters (we have many). The rate at which this blog has progressed in just 4 days is baffling and we owe that to our fellow classmates. Go Gulls!


Anonymous said...

at least break up your paragraphs. gah

BlackSheba said...

will do- thanks for the input :)